Free LitterAT project


Advancing towards litter-free Atlantic coastal communities by preventing and reducing macro and micro litter

Free-LitterAT will achieve litter-free coastal communities by combining knowledge, tools and technology with pilot actions with multi-stakeholder engagement.

The main objectives of the project


Preventing marine litter by improving waste management and recycling and facilitating the implementation of SUP and PRF Directives.


Understanding the origin and location of litter accumulation by identifying major sources, pathways and hotspots of marine litter.


Reducing and removing marine litter and associated risks.


Promoting litter free local communities by developing pilot actions and awareness raising activities.



The Free LitterAT partnership is integrated by 14 partners and 9 associated partners from 4 countries of the Atlantic Area: Spain, Portugal, Ireland and France, including academic, governmental organisations and NGOs

Associated partners

Work packages

WP 1. Prevention by improving waste management and recycling

WP1 aims to improve waste management and recycling in Atlantic ports and coastal cities with a specific focus on fisheries related waste, as it accounts for a significant proportion of marine litter…

WP 3. Modelling approaches from micro and macro litter: from modelling outputs to sources and hotspots

The objective of WP3 is to improve our understanding of the location of accumulation areas of ALDFG, macro and microplastics and their sources, supporting the environmental agencies in charge of marine litter management with powerful modelling tools…

WP 2. Assessing and Monitoring micro and macro litter contamination

WP2 aims to develop and optimise current tools and methods for monitoring macro and micro litter and to enhance processing and analysis solutions that can facilitate and generate harmonised data that can be integrated into actionable outputs…

WP 4. Reducing marine litter and associated risks

The objective of Work Package 4 is to contribute to reducing marine litter by developing and demonstrating procedures, systems and manuals that can be efficiently applied by those in charge of clean-up interventions to remove different types of marine litter in different environments…


Project Coordinator

Department of Control and Management of the Marine Environment and Resources


+34 986 247 846


Centro Tecnológico del Mar – Fundación CETMAR

Eduardo Cabello S/N. Vigo

36208 Pontevedra. Spain